Portland Light Ship

Subsurface Data

USCG Report Data:
Portland Lightship 43 31.6' N 70 5.5'  W, 150 ft. Jan 1956 - Dec 1962, 0, 30, 50, 100, 150 ft. Temp, Sal
Portland Lightship 43 31.6' N 70 5.5'  W, 46 m. Jan 1963 - Dec 1971, 0, 9, 15, 30, 46 m. Temp, Sal

portland.sub - Records of daily water temperatures and salinity observations for the period Jan. 1956 - Dec. 1971. MBT (mechanical bathythermograph) slides read at 15 meter intervals by group at Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. This file is data digitized from U.S.C.G. Oceanographic Reports by the Orkand company at
NCDC in fall of 1998. Information regarding keying format can be found here. See list of U.S.C.G. Report Data above for actual depth of measurements and changes in locality and water depth of the Lightship and look here for
more background information.

portland_sub.kle - Data from portland.sub, tab-delimited with fields labelled by K. Elder.

port.ls - Subsurface mbt (mechanical bathythermograph) data for the period July 1965 - Jan. 1973 at 5 m
intervals given to K. Elder by George Hiemerdinger who read it from an NCDC CDROM.  Information regarding data format can be found here.
Note:   Apparently there were two groups reading the mbt slides, one at Woods Hole whose work was published in the Coast Guard Reports, and the other at NCDC. The NCDC group read the slide at 5 meter intervals whereas the WH group read them at 15 meter intervals.

portland.txt - Data from port.ls file -  most field names added, formatted and tab-delimited by K. Elder.

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