Format of .ROM Files

field name position (char) description
quad 1 WMO quad, quadrant code 1=NE, 3=SE, 5=SW, 7=NW
latitude 2 latitude (DDMM)
longitude 6 longitude (DDMM)
date 11 Date (YYMMDD)
time 17 Time (hours to tenths)
vessel 20 NODC ship code; 2 char country code + 2char vessel code
num_dep_temp 24 number of depth-temp obs in record
data_type 27 NODC archive data type 3=MBT, 4=XBT etc
cruise 28 NODC-assigned cruise number
station 33 NODC-assigned station number
depth_1 37 First depth whole meters
temperature_1 41 First temperature (deg C to hundredths)
depth_2 45  
temperature_2 49  
depth_3 53  
temperature_3 57  

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Last Updated on 1/13/99
By Kathryn L. Elder