R/V Knorr, Cruise KN36-01, 1973-12-06 to 1973-12-21


IWEX (International Wave Experiment)

box: 1
partial content list: 1
notes: TRIMOOR Binders - meeting notes; cruise plans; mooring configurations. Folders - correspondence; proposals; plans; mooing placement data; mooring diagrams; acoustics; status and deployment reports mooring (instrument) mooring (instrument) TRIMOOR (project)
provenance: Ferris Webster - May 1979
subjects: Correspondence
subjects: meeting notes
subjects: diagrams
subjects: Ocean currents.
subjects: data
subjects: trimoor (project)
subjects: International Wave Experiment (IWEX)
subjects: Acoustics
subjects: Cruise Documents
subjects: plans
subjects: Moorings.
subjects: status and deployment reports
subjects: Ocean circulation.
subjects: Hydrography.
subjects: Research Proposals
related subjects: j.geophys.res. 80(27):3872-3884, 1875
related subjects: R/V Knorr
related subjects: International Wave Experiment (IWEX)
geographic coverage: Sargasso Sea
geographic coverage: North West Atlantic Ocean (limit 40W)
geographic coverage: Hatteral Abyssal Plain
meeting notes
Ocean currents.
trimoor (project)
International Wave Experiment (IWEX)
Cruise Documents
status and deployment reports
Ocean circulation.
Research Proposals

Moller, Donald A. [dla:4dff142c-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

CTD station data

box: 3
partial content list: 21 boxes
notes: CTD station data arranged by ship and cruise. ctd (instrument)
provenance: The CTD Group
subjects: CTD - Conductivity Temperature Depth
subjects: Temperature
subjects: station data
subjects: Salinity.
subjects: Electric conductivity
related subjects: R/V Atlantis II
related subjects: USS Chain
CTD - Conductivity Temperature Depth
station data
Electric conductivity

Hydrographic log sheets

box: 18
partial content list: 30 boxes
notes: Hydrographic log sheets.
provenance: Physical Oceanography dept., AC2004-24
subjects: Hydrography.
subjects: Sea temperature
related subjects: R/V Knorr
geographic coverage: Atlantic Ocean
Sea temperature

Reduced Data

box: 16
notes: Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Bermuda, Continental Shelf, Gulf Stream, GEOSECS, Geochemical Ocean Section Study, Project FAMOUS, Transient Traces in the Ocean, GEOSECS (Geochemical Ocean Section Study) (project) GEOSECS (Geochemical Ocean Section Study) (project) Project FAMOUS (project) Mid-Atlantic Ridge (spatial) Bermuda (spatial) Continental Shelf (spatial) Gulf Stream (spatial) Other chief scientists: Luyendyk, B.P., Teal, J.M., Metcalf, W.G., Haedrich, R.L., Worthington, L.V., Barvenik, F.W., Bradley, K.F., Hess, F.R., Brewer, P.G., Bowen, V.T., Burke, J.C., Jenkins, W.J., Luyendyk, B.P. (person) Teal, John M. (person) Metcalf, William G. (person) Haedrich, R. L. (person) Worthington, L. Valentine (person) Barvenik, F.W. (person) Bradley, K.F. (person) Hess, F.R. (person) Brewer, P.G. (person) Bowen, Vaughn T. (person) Burke, J.C. (person) Jenkins, W.J. (person) other ships: Mentor (1,2), Meteor, Panulirus, Panulirus II sailing orders Mentor (platform) Meteor (platform) Panulirus (platform) Panulirus II (platform)
subjects: Sailing Orders
subjects: reduced data
subjects: Gulf Stream.
subjects: transient traces in the ocean
subjects: Bathymetry
subjects: Bathythermograph.
related subjects: Panulirus II (Ship)
related subjects: Project Famous
related subjects: R/V Oceanus
related subjects: USS Mentor
related subjects: R/V Knorr
related subjects: GEOSECS Program.
related subjects: R/V Panulirus
geographic coverage: Bermuda
geographic coverage: Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
geographic coverage: Continental shelf
geographic coverage: Gulf Stream.
Sailing Orders
reduced data
Gulf Stream.
transient traces in the ocean

Jenkins, William J. [dla:4dfabb5c-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Brewer, Peter G. [dla:4df23b26-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Spencer, Derek W. [dla:4e04a6c6-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Hess, Frederick R. [dla:4df999b6-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Bradley, Keith F. [dla:4df21506-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Hollister, Charles D. [dla:4dfa0630-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Haedrich, Richard L. [dla:4df8c66c-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Metcalf, William G. [dla:4dfecb2a-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]


Luyendyk, Bruce Peter [dla:4dfd5cae-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Teal, John M. [dla:4e05b41c-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Bowen, Vaughan T. [dla:4df2005c-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Gifford, James E. [dla:4df7f584-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Barvenik, Frank W. [dla:4df109e0-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Worthington, L. Valentine [dla:4e081be4-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Knorr 36

whoi_av_id: Film 728
full title: Knorr 36
media_type: Film
original_description: Unedited recovery cruise, scenes in ship's lounge, etc.