IWEX (International Wave Experiment)

Date Created: 
1973-11-01 to 1973-12-01
box: 1
partial content list: 1
notes: TRIMOOR Binders - meeting notes; cruise plans; mooring configurations. Folders - correspondence; proposals; plans; mooing placement data; mooring diagrams; acoustics; status and deployment reports mooring (instrument) mooring (instrument) TRIMOOR (project)
provenance: Ferris Webster - May 1979
subjects: Correspondence
subjects: meeting notes
subjects: diagrams
subjects: Ocean currents.
subjects: data
subjects: trimoor (project)
subjects: International Wave Experiment (IWEX)
subjects: Acoustics
subjects: Cruise Documents
subjects: plans
subjects: Moorings.
subjects: status and deployment reports
subjects: Ocean circulation.
subjects: Hydrography.
subjects: Research Proposals
related subjects: j.geophys.res. 80(27):3872-3884, 1875
related subjects: R/V Knorr
related subjects: International Wave Experiment (IWEX)
geographic coverage: Sargasso Sea
geographic coverage: North West Atlantic Ocean (limit 40W)
geographic coverage: Hatteral Abyssal Plain