Date Created: 
1978-04-29 to 1978-05-28
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partial content list: 1
partial content list: 2 rolls 5 sec airgun reflection
partial content list: 3 rolls 2 sec airgun reflection
notes: Navigation plots and listing 2 rolls 5 sec airgun reflection 3 rolls 2 sec airgun reflection Rendevous with Marion DuFresne airgun (instrument) airgun (instrument) Marion DuFresne (platform) Filmed by: Dale A Newhouse, 11 Oct 1978 Micrographics, Geologic Data Center Scripps Institution Oceanography, La Jolla, California 11 Oct 1978 (date) Scripps Institute of Oceanography (organization) Newhouse, Dale A. (person)
provenance: AC 2009 27, Margaret Sulanowska (for Henry Dick)
subjects: filmed by: dale a newhouse
subjects: Magnetics
subjects: INDOMED Expedition
subjects: Seismology.
subjects: Navigation.
subjects: Seismic reflection method
subjects: rendevous with marion dufresne
subjects: Airgun
subjects: Bathymetry
related subjects: RV Marion Dufresne
related subjects: Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
related subjects: R/V Melville
related subjects: INDOMED Expedition
geographic coverage: Port Louis, Mauritius