The R/V Knorr left from Nuuk (Godthab), gl on Sep 14, 2013 and returned to Nuuk (Godthab), gl on Oct 03, 2013.

Summary Table

Operator ID KN213-02
Start Date Sep 14, 2013
End Date Oct 03, 2013
Start Port Nuuk (Godthab), gl
End Port Nuuk (Godthab), gl
Underway Data Cruise Data
R2R Cruise Data
JSON Metadata (R2R Format) Metadata
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Funded Projects

  • Funded By: National Science Foundation
    Agency Department: NSF-PLR-ARC
    Funder Identifier: 1022472
    Funded Days: 24

Cruise Science Leadership

  • Gobat, Jason
    Scientist, Co-Chief
    University of Washington

  • Lee, Craig
    Principal Investigator, Chief Scientist
    University of Washington