The R/V Knorr left from Woods Hole, ma, us on Sep 04, 2013 and returned to Nuuk (Godthab), gl on Sep 11, 2013.

Summary Table

Operator ID KN213-01
Start Date Sep 04, 2013
End Date Sep 11, 2013
Start Port Woods Hole, ma, us
End Port Nuuk (Godthab), gl
Underway Data Cruise Data
Cruise Notes

Cruise Letter: This will be a working transit. Objectives will include measurements of several
air-side gas species and atmospheric turbulence will be conducted during the
transit. The hardware for this effort includes a sonic anemometer, a suite of
meteorological instruments, several sample inlet lines (tubes) leading back to
vans containing the gas instrumentation and pumps. Any data collected during the
transit will be in international waters though testing may be conducted in the
Economic Exclusive Zones of the U.S., Canada and Denmark.

Scientific personnel participating on this cruise will be:

Mr. Byron Blomquist, University of Hawaii
Ms. Michelle Kim, University of Colorado/NOAA
Ms. Sophia Brumer, Columbia University
Mr. Sergio Pezoa, NOAA
Dr. Christopher Fairall, NOAA ESRL/PSD
Mr. Christopher Zappa, Columbia University

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Funded Projects

  • Transit
    Funded By: National Science Foundation
    Agency Department: NSF-AGS

    Funded Days: 4
  • Transit
    Funded By: National Science Foundation
    Agency Department: NSF-PLR-ARC

    Funded Days: 4