The R/V Knorr left from Norfolk, va, us on Jul 13, 2013 and returned to Norfolk, va, us on Jul 18, 2013.

Summary Table

Operator ID KN211-02
Start Date Jul 13, 2013
End Date Jul 18, 2013
Start Port Norfolk, va, us
End Port Norfolk, va, us
Underway Data Cruise Data
R2R Cruise Data

Funded Projects

  • Trident Warrior
    Funded By: Office of Naval Research
    Agency Department: NAVY-ONR

    Funded Days: 9

Cruise Science Leadership

  • Lenain, Luc
    Scientist, Chief

  • Shearman, Kipp
    Principal Investigator, Chief Scientist
    Oregon State University

  • Eleuterio, Daniel
    Principal Investigator
    Office of Naval Research