The R/V Neil Armstrong left from Charleston, sc, us on Mar 05, 2016 and returned to Charleston, sc, us on Mar 12, 2016.

Summary Table

Operator ID AR1-05
Start Date Mar 05, 2016
End Date Mar 12, 2016
Start Port Charleston, sc, us
End Port Charleston, sc, us
Underway Data Cruise Data
Cruise Notes

Project: Science Verification Cruise, Leg I


Cruise Metadata Notes: This is the first in a series of science verification cruises. While every effort was made to have a complete data set, some systems are still coming on line. During the cruise the speedlog *.SPD and knudsen *.KN3260 ascii data collection in the /uderway/raw directory began. This data did not yet make it into the underway/proc files. Processed barometric pressure was calculated using R/V Knorr's sensor/mast height - 14.2m. R/V Neil Armstrong's vaisala sensor height is 18.27m. Accurate barometric pressure will have to be recalculated from the raw data. The date and time on the Kongsberg acquisition computers - EM122, EM710 and EK-80 - were not synced to the ship's time server. Notes for applicable discrepancy of the file dates are included in each directory. This was fixed on 9 March.

R2R Cruise Data
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Funded Projects

  • Mooring Recovery and Deployment
    Funded By: Office of Naval Research
    Agency Department: NAVY-ONR

    Funded Days: 11
  • CTD and Scientific Seawater System

    Funded Days: 0
  • Argo Float Deployment

    Funded Days: 0

Cruise Science Leadership

  • Smith, Chad
    Scientist, Chief
    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

  • Nowacek, Doug
    Principal Investigator
    Duke University
  • Richardson, Tammi
    Scientist, Chief
    University of South Carolina