The R/V Neil Armstrong left from Anacortes, wa, us on Oct 31, 2015 and returned to San Francisco, ca, us on Nov 08, 2015.

Summary Table

Operator ID AR1-01
Start Date Oct 31, 2015
End Date Nov 08, 2015
Start Port Anacortes, wa, us
End Port San Francisco, ca, us
Underway Data Cruise Data
Cruise Notes

Cruise Metadata Notes: The objective of this cruise leg is to conduct hydrographic and trawl winch testing
using both starboard handling systems and the Armstrong's A-Frame.  Testing activities
will be done with WHOI port operations representatives and with component manufacturer
representatives and technicians.
This was the first voyage for the R/V Neil Armstong, just out of shipyard and completion
of Phase II. There is no science equipment installed most data collected was done
for the winch trials. The CTD data is out of calibration. The GPS data is good.

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Funded Projects

Cruise Science Leadership

  • Simoneau, Amy
    Scientist, Chief
    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution