Vine, Allyn Collins


Oral History: Allyn Vine

interview subject: name: Allyn Vine institutions: WHOI positions: Oceanographer && Scientist Emeritus years of service: 1940-01-01/1979-01-01
interviewer: name: Gary Weir
interviewer: name: Robert Calvert institutions: Texas A & M
interview dates: 1977-08-18 && 1989-04-27 && 1989-09-23 && 1992-08-30 && 1993-08-30

Reduced Data

box: 13
notes: South Atlantic Ocean, Continental Shelf, Caribbean Sea, Cuba, Bermuda, Gulf Stream, Georges Bank International Cooperative Investigations of the Tropical Atlantic International Cooperative Investigations of the Tropical Atlantic (project) South Atlantic (spatial) Continental Shelf (spatial) Caribbean (spatial) Cuba (spatial) Bermuda (spatial) Gulf Stream (spatial) Georges Bank (spatial) Tropical Atlantic (spatial) Other chief scientists: Curl, H., Worthington, L.V., Vine, A.C., Bowen, V.T., Stommel, H., Corwin, N., Volkmann, G., Conover, R.J., Mather, F. J., Curl, H. (person) Worthington, L. Valentine (person) Vine, Allyn C. (person) Bowen, Vaughn T. (person) Stommel, H.M. (person) Corwin, N. (person) Volkmann, G.H. (person) Conover, Robert J. (person) Mather, F. J. (person) sailing orders
subjects: International Cooperative Investigations of the Tropical Atlantic
subjects: Sailing Orders
subjects: reduced data
subjects: Gulf Stream.
subjects: Bathymetry
subjects: Bathythermograph.
related subjects: R/V Crawford
geographic coverage: Bermuda
geographic coverage: Cuba.
geographic coverage: Continental shelf
geographic coverage: South Atlantic Ocean
geographic coverage: Georges Bank
geographic coverage: Caribbean Sea
geographic coverage: Gulf Stream.
geographic coverage: Tropical Atlantic
International Cooperative Investigations of the Tropical Atlantic
Sailing Orders
reduced data
Gulf Stream.

Volkmann, Gordon H. [dla:4e069170-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Conover, Robert J. [dla:4df42f80-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Althaus, Hans H. [dla:4df026d8-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Curl, Herbert Charles [dla:4df4b72a-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Vine, Allyn Collins [dla:4e068ad6-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Metcalf, William G. [dla:4dfecb2a-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Mather, Frank J. [dla:4dfdf34e-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Corwin, Nathaniel [dla:4df4634c-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Fuglister, Fritz [dla:4df77c6c-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Stommel, Henry Melson [dla:4e052376-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Bowen, Vaughan T. [dla:4df2005c-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Worthington, L. Valentine [dla:4e081be4-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Average S-T-D Values for the Mediterranean by Month and Degree Squares from the Working Files at ..

box: 1
notes: tables of average temperature and salinity at 11 fixed depths down to 300 meters ...
subjects: Temperature
subjects: Salinity.
subjects: Hydrography.
geographic coverage: Mediterranean Sea

Vine, Allyn Collins [dla:4e068ad6-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Return to the Sea

whoi_av_id: Film 772
full title: Return to the Sea
media_type: Film
original_description: man first efforts to work in the sea, O. Barton, W. Beebe, Alvin, A. Vine, W. Rainnie, R. Backus, salvage of Alvin, H. Sanders, H. Jannasch, B. Heezen, M. Tharp, B. Ballard.

SSN Thresher search

notes: A-D Strip test 11/09/04 Condition 1
whoi_av_id: Film 26
full title: SSN Thresher search
media_type: Film
original_description: Bob Snider working on donut buoy, Jim Gifford, Chuck Wilkins, Earl Hays, Al Vine.


notes: A-D Strip test 06/09/05 Condition 1
whoi_av_id: Film 630
full title: Atlantis
media_type: Film
original_description: Atlantis cruise 247, Jan 31-July 23, 1959 - coming in to the dock July 23, 1959, Good dock scene, J. Cotter, Mike Palmieri, C. Neumann, Hans Cook, Brooks, Lambert, John Schilling, Bob Munns, Al Vine

USS Somersworth

whoi_av_id: Film 751
full title: USS Somersworth
media_type: Film
original_description: worked with Atlantis 161 between Cape May and Bermuda, Variable depth sonar fish, Roy Rather, Al Vine J. Hersey, and others. 1 of 19

Alvin Exhibit Center Film

notes: A-D Strip test 02/10/05 Condition 1
whoi_av_id: Film 246
full title: Alvin Exhibit Center Film
media_type: Film
original_description: Starts with turning the steel ball, then Lulu, diving, Al Vine, Wilson, McCamis, Alvin manuvering on the sea floor Bahamas. Looks like taken from 16mm film titled "Alvin Flying at the Bottom of the Sea"