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Oral History: Angus Group Oral Histories notes: Interviewees - John Porteous, Earl Young, Steve Gegg, Jerry Cotter, Tom Crook, Cathy Offinger, interview subject: name: John Porteous institutions: WHOI positions: Alvin Group Technician && Senior Photographer years of service: 1968-01-01/2001-01-01, interview subject: name: Earl Young institutions: WHOI, interview subject: name: Steve Gegg institutions: WHOI, interview subject: name: Jerry Cotter institutions: WHOI, interview subject: name: Tom Crook institutions: WHOI, interview subject: name: Cathy Offinger institutions: WHOI && Institute for Exploration positions: Research Associate && Deep Submergence Lab && Director of Operations years of service: 1973-01-01/1973-01-01, interviewer: name: Frank Taylor, interview dates: 2002-02-27
Atlantis WHOI Audio/Visual Collection notes: A-D Strip test 06/09/05 Condition 1, whoi_av_id: Film 630, full title: Atlantis, media_type: Film, original_description: Atlantis cruise 247, Jan 31-July 23, 1959 - coming in to the dock July 23, 1959, Good dock scene, J. Cotter, Mike Palmieri, C. Neumann, Hans Cook, Brooks, Lambert, John Schilling, Bob Munns, Al Vine
Knorr - 63 WHOI Audio/Visual Collection whoi_av_id: Film 910, full title: Knorr - 63, media_type: Film, original_description: S. Honjo chief scientist, Parflux mooring, people include Ostrom, Laroucelle, Horn, Simoneau, Cotter. 20 minutes