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Oral History: James Heirtzler Oral Histories interview subject: name: James Heirtzler institutions: WHOI positions: Senior Scientist years of service: 1969-01-01/1986-01-01, interviewer: name: Robert Calvert institutions: Texas A & M, interview dates: 1977-01-16
Oral History: Carl Bowin Oral Histories notes: ONR History Symposium; In: Agassiz's Legacy:Scientists's E.H.Gladfelter. Three follow-up interviews in 2010, interview subject: name: Carl Bowin institutions: WHOI positions: Scientist years of service: 1961-01-01/1961-01-01, interviewer: name: Elizabeth Gladfelter, interviewer: name: Gary Weir, interviewer: name: Frank Taylor, interview dates: 1998-04-15 && 2000-03-30 && 2010-04-27 && 2010-05-11 && 2010-05-25