R/V Maurice Ewing


Robert Detrick, Assorted Data

notes: various tapes and paper seismic rolls. QuantumDL tape: Iceland chirp #2 Backup of TF2.2001 directories TF2-B9 Tar Tape, sun rasterfiles sigma campagne sigma 1991-08-06, format MGD77 tf2/dlt, 20 x 512 blocks, 2006-10-04 Quantum DLtape, Iceland Chirp SEGY/IEEE 3x floppy disks, Galapagos 96 1x CD, Galapagos 96, multibeam/backscatter 2x 8mm data tapes, Galapagos 96, Simrad raw data 1x 8mm data tape, EW9708 4x 4mm data tape, tar disk, ponlai, 1997-07 1x 8mm data tape, Tjornes Fracture Zone MCS SEGY data, 2001-09-19 1x 4mm data tape, backup of orizabal paper seismic profile rolls, unknown cruise.
acc. no: 2011-30

CTD station data

box: 7
partial content list: 21 boxes
notes: CTD station data arranged by ship and cruise. Other ships include Vernadsky cruise 14. ctd (instrument) Vernadsky (platform)
provenance: The CTD Group
subjects: CTD - Conductivity Temperature Depth
subjects: Temperature
subjects: station data
subjects: Salinity.
subjects: Electric conductivity
related subjects: Atlantis (Ketch : 1931-1966)
related subjects: Vernadsky (Ship)
related subjects: R/V Endeavor
CTD - Conductivity Temperature Depth
station data
Electric conductivity