R/V Atlantis (Ketch), Cruise 20, 1933-08-12 to 1933-08-18


Hydrographic log sheets

box: 22
partial content list: 30 boxes
notes: Hydrographic log sheets.
provenance: Physical Oceanography dept., AC2004-24
subjects: Hydrography.
subjects: Sea temperature
related subjects: -none-
related subjects: Bermuda Triangle
related subjects: Atlantis (Ketch : 1931-1966)
geographic coverage: Atlantic Ocean
Sea temperature

Reduced Data

box: 3
notes: Gulf of Maine, South of Woods Hole, Caribbean, Georges Bank, Bermuda, Gulf of Mexico Gulf of Maine (spatial) South of Woods Hole (spatial) Caribbean (spatial) Georges Bank (spatial) Bermuda (spatial) Gulf of Mexico (spatial) other chief scientists: Krogh, Iselin, Schroeder, Parr, A.E., Bigelow, Waksman, Stetson, Leavitt, Rossby, Smith, Renn, Rakestraw, Seiwell, Field, Ewing Krogh (person) Iselin (person) Schroeder, W. C. (person) Parr, A. E. (person) Bigelow (person) Waksman (person) Stetson, Henry C. (person) Leavitt (person) Rossby (person) Smith (person) Renn (person) Rakestraw (person) Seiwell (person) Field (person) Ewing, William Maurice (person)
subjects: reduced data
subjects: Bathymetry
subjects: Bathythermograph.
related subjects: Atlantis (Ketch : 1931-1966)
geographic coverage: Bermuda
geographic coverage: Georges Bank
geographic coverage: Caribbean Sea
geographic coverage: south of woods hole
geographic coverage: Gulf of Mexico
geographic coverage: Gulf of Maine
geographic coverage: North Atlantic Ocean
reduced data

Waksman, Selman [dla:4e06bcae-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Rakestraw, Norris W. [dla:4e01dd92-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Clarke, George Leonard [dla:4df3d3c8-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Parr, Albert Eide [dla:4e00cc90-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]


Ewing, Maurice [dla:4df680d2-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Stetson, Henry Crosby [dla:4e04fb1c-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Leavitt, Benjamin B. [dla:4dfc8752-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Seiwell, Harry Richard [dla:4e03ad84-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Iselin, Columbus O'Donnell [dla:4dfa9582-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Smith, Homer P. [dla:4e045086-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Redfield, Alfred C. [dla:4e0200a6-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Krogh, Schack August Steenberg [dla:4dfc0336-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]


Bigelow, Henry Bryant [dla:4df191e4-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Rossby, Carl-Gustaf [dla:4e02bc1c-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]