R/V Asterias


Asterias (?)

notes: A-D Strip test 06/09/05 Condition 1
whoi_av_id: Film 606
full title: Asterias (?)
media_type: Film
original_description: possibly film of Asterias

Time lapse photos

notes: A-D Strip test 07/22/05 Condition 0
whoi_av_id: Film 309
full title: Time lapse photos
media_type: Film
original_description: Time lapse bottom photos taken in Buzzards Bay, off Quissett, Asterias used to set up camera

Atlantis at sea

notes: A-D Strip test 08/04/05 Condition 1
whoi_av_id: Film 633
full title: Atlantis at sea
media_type: Film
original_description: Asterias, good pictures of men and taking samples, early equipment, small cores

War Work Apr-Aug 1945

notes: A-D Strip test 11/17/04 Condition 1
whoi_av_id: Film 148
full title: War Work Apr-Aug 1945
media_type: Film
original_description: Atlantis cruise 129 Tongue of the ocean, starts at WHOI dock, Atlantis ready to leave, Reliance and Asterias shown