Rather, Roy L.


Project Cricket

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subjects: Project Cricket
subjects: low frequency sound source
related subjects: whoi technical report whoi-54-62
geographic coverage: Lake Travis, Texas
Project Cricket
low frequency sound source

Dietz, Frank T. [dla:4df562c4-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Rather, Roy L. [dla:4e01f340-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Hersey, John Brackett [dla:4df99312-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

USS Somersworth

whoi_av_id: Film 751
full title: USS Somersworth
media_type: Film
original_description: worked with Atlantis 161 between Cape May and Bermuda, Variable depth sonar fish, Roy Rather, Al Vine J. Hersey, and others. 1 of 19