Nitsan, Uzi


Heat Flow

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notes: Instrument calibrations and station data plots and calculations Original optical instrument drawings (by R. J. Hessler) Various expeditions Heat Flow Instruction Manual, by Charles E. Corry (S.I.O) Scripps Institute of Oceanography (organization) Hessler, R. J. (person) Corry, Charles E. (person) Guadalupe Trip corrections Galapagos Triple Junction Amphitrite Hot spot locations East Pacific Rise Mid Atlantic Ridge UZI NITSAN, East Pacific, Chain 100 Nitsan, Uzi (person) Chain (platform) Galapagos Triple Junction (spatial) East Pacific Rise (spatial) Mid-Atlantic Ridge (spatial) East Pacific (spatial)
provenance: R. von Herzen
subjects: Optical instruments
subjects: guadalupe trip corrections
subjects: calculations
subjects: station data
subjects: amphitrite
subjects: Ocean Heat Flux
subjects: plots
subjects: Calibration
subjects: Hydrothermal vents.
subjects: Sediments (Geology)
subjects: manuals
related subjects: USS Chain
geographic coverage: Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
geographic coverage: East Pacific Rise
geographic coverage: Pacific Ocean
geographic coverage: Atlantic Ocean
geographic coverage: Galapagos Triple Junction
geographic coverage: Pacific Ocean, Eastern.
Optical instruments
guadalupe trip corrections
station data
Ocean Heat Flux
Hydrothermal vents.
Sediments (Geology)

Hessler, Robert Raymond [dla:4df99bf0-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

von Herzen, Richard Pierre Von [dla:4e06aa48-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Nitsan, Uzi [dla:4e001f02-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

Corry, Charles E. [dla:4df45eba-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]