HMCS New Liskeard


African Margin Seismic Data

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partial content list: 17 maps
partial content list: 22 seismic profiles
notes: Gulf Oil Corp (organization)- proprietary except for seismic profiles which are open to public
provenance: Tucholke - 1992
subjects: Seismology.
subjects: Continental margins.
related subjects: USNS Robert D. Conrad
related subjects: african margin seismic data
related subjects: Gulf Oil Corporation
related subjects: Armauer Hansen (Ship)
related subjects: HMCS New Liskeard
geographic coverage: Morocco
geographic coverage: Canary Islands
geographic coverage: Western Africa
Continental margins.

Tucholke, Brian E. [dla:4e063e3c-061b-11e1-8e4e-0026b97a63fb]

BT (some Hydro) Cruises - Boxes by Ship-Area-Date

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notes: boxes based on ship-area-date. See DC-8 for Bathythermograph Observations/ Data Forms. Other ships: Edisto, New Liskeard, Eastwind,Armauer Hansen, Evergreen (Cabot)
provenance: WHOI, Coast Guard
subjects: Hydrography.
subjects: Bathythermograph.
related subjects: USCGC Edisto
related subjects: see dc-7 for plots
related subjects: WHOI
related subjects: U.S. Coast Guard
related subjects: Evergreen (Cutter)
related subjects: HMCS New Liskeard
related subjects: International Gulf Stream Experiment
related subjects: Eastwind (Cutter)
related subjects: USS Chain
related subjects: Capella (Ship)
related subjects: R/V Armauer Hansen
geographic coverage: Azores
geographic coverage: Atlantic Ocean
geographic coverage: Grand Banks