Hiller, Emerson H.


Gosnold 99

whoi_av_id: Film 918
full title: Gosnold 99
media_type: Film
original_description: SCOR 21, buoy/float/current meter deployment People include Gifford, Berteau, Hiller, Heinmiller

Atlantis II

notes: A-D Strip test 07/22/05 Condition 0
whoi_av_id: Film 643
full title: Atlantis II
media_type: Film
original_description: The building of AII (hull 140). Atlantis showing hydro lowering, Maryland Shipbuilding and Drydock Co. Capt Hiller, Max Silverman talking to Mary Sears, christening A-II

Chain cruise 17

notes: A-D Strip test 08/18/05 Condition 1
whoi_av_id: Film 704
full title: Chain cruise 17
media_type: Film
original_description: Reel two, Romanche Trench cruise Bill von Arx, Capt Hiller, mid water hauls, film needs work.