Watson/Waterbury/Valois Lab Notebooks & Folders

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partial content list: 9 lab notebooks
notes: 9 lab notebooks containing data on nitrification, nutrients, C14,synechococcus,bacteria,plankton,photosynthesis Other ships: Gyre 86-15, Cape Hatteras 0694 Gyre (platform) Cape Hatteras (platform) Other geographic terms:Mediterranean, Black Sea 6 folders - Oceanus Gyre cruise paperwork, bacteria counts, CTD logs ctd (instrument) Oceanus (platform) Mediterranean (spatial) Black Sea (spatial) Computer printouts - Texas A&M Dept.Oceanography physical data; Texas A&M cruise handbook R/V Gyre; files contain poems to ships\' crew by F.Valois Texas A&M Dept.Oceanography (organization) Gyre (platform)
provenance: John Waterbury - 2001
subjects: lab notebooks
subjects: CTD - Conductivity Temperature Depth
subjects: Nitrification
subjects: paperwork
subjects: Plankton
subjects: Poetry
subjects: Photosynthesis
subjects: Bacteria
subjects: Nutrients.
subjects: Synechococcus
subjects: Hydrography.
subjects: Carbon--Isotopes.
subjects: watson/waterbury/valois lab notebooks & folders
subjects: data
subjects: Seawater--Sampling.
subjects: Technical manuals
subjects: oceanus gyre cruise
related subjects: USNS Gyre
related subjects: R/V Oceanus
related subjects: Texas A & M University. Dept. of Oceanography.
related subjects: R/V Columbus Iselin
related subjects: R/V Cape Hatteras
geographic coverage: Sargasso Sea
geographic coverage: Africa
geographic coverage: Black Sea
geographic coverage: Brazil
geographic coverage: Mediterranean Sea