Woods Hole Tide Recordings & US Geodetic Survey Benchmark Data

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1929-01-01 to 1993-01-01
box: 2
partial content list: 2
notes: Princeton box containing weekly reports of tide station data from 1944-1993; Princeton box containing US Coast & Geodetic Survey sea level and elevation benchmark data; geographic positions and grid positions from stations in Bourne, Falmouth & Sandwich Bourne (spatial) Falmouth, MA (spatial) File containing tide station correspondence; file containing pressure tide gage records from Woods Hole;
provenance: Dot Rogers 1982
subjects: Correspondence
subjects: water height
subjects: Sea level.
subjects: Sandwich, Mass.
subjects: data
subjects: US Coast and Geodetic Survey
subjects: station data
subjects: woods hole tide recordings & us geodetic survey benchmark data
subjects: Meteorology
subjects: Tide-gages.
subjects: Tide stations
subjects: reports
subjects: Tides.
geographic coverage: Falmouth (Mass.)
geographic coverage: Woods Hole (Mass.)
geographic coverage: Bourne, Mass.