ROSE Experiment - Addendums #1 and #2

Date Created: 
1979-01-01 to 1979-03-01
box: 3
partial content list: 3
notes: Addendum #2 - Shot data on H-P paper; Other related pubs: J.Geophys.Res.87(B10):8397-8402, 1982. J.Geophys.Res.91(B14):14006-14014, 1986
provenance: DuBois/Accession #2004-04
subjects: ROSE - Rivera Ocean Seismic Experiment
subjects: Seismology.
subjects: Earthquakes
subjects: OBH - Ocean Bottom Hydrophone
related subjects: j.geophys.res.91(b14):14006-14014, 1986
related subjects: ROSE - Rivera Ocean Seismic Experiment
related subjects: j.geophys.res.87(b10):8397-8402, 1982
related subjects: USNS Robert D. Conrad
related subjects: j.geophys.res. , 86(b5):3783-3790, 1981
geographic coverage: Orozco Fracture Zone
geographic coverage: East Pacific Rise
geographic coverage: Pacific Ocean, Eastern.