Weekly Gulf Stream analysis

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1975-01-01 to 1981-01-01
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notes: Weekly Gulf Stream analysis plots, prepared by the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office. Navoceano Satellite Analysis. Experimental ocean frontal analysis. NOAA-5 VHRR NOAA-NES-EPG noaa-5 vhrr (instrument) satellite (instrument) Navoceano (organization) Gulf Stream (spatial) National Environmental Satellite Service. National Weather Service. National Environmental Satellite Service (organization) National Weather Service (organization)
provenance: Phil Richardson
subjects: Satellites
subjects: experimental ocean frontal analysis
subjects: NAVOCEANO - U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office
subjects: noaa-nes-epg
subjects: analysis plots, prepared by the u.s. naval oceanographic office
subjects: Gulf Stream.
related subjects: National Weather Service (U.S.)
related subjects: United States. National Environmental Satellite Service.
related subjects: NOAA-5 (Satellite)
geographic coverage: Atlantic Ocean
geographic coverage: Gulf Stream.