DC-048: Sonobuoy seismic profile data

Sonobuoy seismic profile data

box: 1
partial content list: 3 shelves
notes: Continuous seismic profiles,satellite data,Datal runs,XYZ records,acoustic homing system records,single channel profiles,deep towed hydrophone reflection profiles,transponder deployments,OBH records,deep vertical arrays hydrophone (instrument) ocean bottom hydrophone (obh) (instrument) Azores,Brazil,Kane Fracture Zone. R/V Prof.Besnard Collection of binders is housed flat on three shelves rather than in boxes. R/V Prof.Besnard (platform) Azores (spatial) Brazil (spatial) Kane Fracture Zone (spatial) AII 67-1 through 7,75-1 through 7,91-1 through 2,92-1 through 2,93-5 through 7,94-1 through 2,96-3,97-1 through 2,107-6,9 Knorr 96-4,115-3 through 7,115-8,119-1 Chain 96-4,115-3 through 8,119-1 Oceanus 99 Knorr (platform) Chain (platform) Oceanus (platform)
provenance: Marge Pacheco/Accession # 2003-46
subjects: Hydrophone
subjects: datal runs
subjects: xyz records
subjects: Acoustics
subjects: OBH - Ocean Bottom Hydrophone
subjects: Satellites
subjects: Seismology.
subjects: Seismic reflection method
subjects: Sonobuoys
subjects: Transponders
subjects: Records
subjects: single channel profiles
related subjects: eacm
related subjects: R/V Oceanus
related subjects: IDOE -- International Decade of Ocean Exploration
related subjects: Professor W. Besnard (Ship)
related subjects: Brasil/WHOI-72
related subjects: Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
related subjects: International Phase of Ocean Drilling (IPOD)
related subjects: R/V Atlantis II
related subjects: R/V Knorr
related subjects: EACM - East Atlantic Continental Margin Program
related subjects: USS Chain
geographic coverage: Azores
geographic coverage: Brazil
geographic coverage: Indian Ocean Triple Junction
geographic coverage: Mediterranean Sea
geographic coverage: Capetown, Africa
geographic coverage: Kane Fracture Zone
datal runs
xyz records
OBH - Ocean Bottom Hydrophone
Seismic reflection method
single channel profiles