ROSE Experiment

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1979-01-01 to 1979-03-01
box: 6
partial content list: 8
notes: - testing program, exchange output, shot instants, earthquake locations. ROSE exchange material with HIG revisions, shot data, ESP lines, John Ewing Navy Coherency talk, 24 Jan.1985 Other related pubs: J.Geophys.Res 24 Jan.1985 (date) Navy (organization) Ewing, John I. (person) ROSE (Rivera Ocean Seismic Experiments) (project)
provenance: DuBois/Accession #2003-50
subjects: ROSE - Rivera Ocean Seismic Experiment
subjects: navy coherency talk
subjects: exchange output
subjects: OBH - Ocean Bottom Hydrophone
subjects: esp lines
subjects: testing program
subjects: Seismology.
subjects: Earthquakes
related subjects: U.S. Navy
related subjects: ROSE - Rivera Ocean Seismic Experiment
related subjects: USNS Robert D. Conrad
related subjects: j.geophys.res. , 86(b5):3783-3790, 1981
related subjects: R/V Kana Keoki
geographic coverage: Orozco Fracture Zone
geographic coverage: East Pacific Rise
geographic coverage: Pacific Ocean, Eastern.