Heat Flow

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notes: Calibrations and station data plots and calculations HILO - 1976 Swiss Lakes - 1970 SOTW7 - 1972 - K computations Mohole 1976 (date) 1970 (date) 1972 (date) PROA - 1962 Cores and probes Leapfrog Expedition - 1962 - Scripps R/V Stranger, North Pacific 1962 (date) 1962 (date) core (instrument) Scripps Institute of Oceanography (organization) Stranger (platform) North Pacific (spatial)
provenance: R. von Herzen
subjects: sotw7 - 1972
subjects: core
subjects: calculations
subjects: PROA Expedition
subjects: Leapfrog Expedition
subjects: station data
subjects: Ocean Heat Flux
subjects: Core sampling
subjects: plots
subjects: Lakes--Switzerland
subjects: Calibration
subjects: hilo - 1976
subjects: k computations mohole
related subjects: Stranger (Ship)
related subjects: Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
geographic coverage: Lakes--Switzerland
geographic coverage: Pacific Ocean
geographic coverage: North Pacific Ocean
geographic coverage: Gilbert islands
geographic coverage: Galapagos Islands