Date Created: 
1955-08-01 to 1955-09-19
box: 1
notes: Joint North Pacific Survey (NORPAC) 51 deg N, 161 deg 15' W, North American Coast North Pacific (spatial) 51 deg N, 161 deg 15' W (spatial) Equatorial Pacific Equatorial Pacific (spatial)
provenance: Alfred C. Redfield Manuscript Collection, MC-29
subjects: International Cooperative Expedition NORPAC (1956)
subjects: equatorial pacific
subjects: EQUAPAC - Cooperative Survey of the Pacific Equatorial Zone
related subjects: R/V Brown Bear
geographic coverage: North American Coastline-South
geographic coverage: North Pacific Ocean
geographic coverage: Equatorial Pacific Ocean
geographic coverage: 51 deg n, 161 deg 15' w
geographic coverage: North American Coastline-North