BOMEX (Barbados Oceanographic and Meteorological Experiment) Radar Data

Date Created: 
1969-06-23 to 1969-07-29
1967-01-01 to 1969-01-01
1967-04-01 to 1967-05-01
box: 1
notes: Seawell soundings 6/23/1969-7/29/1969 6/23/1969-7/29/1969 (date) Psychrometric and wind data 4/1967-5/1967 4/1967-5/1967 (date) Navigator's logs Dropsonde Data Reduction
subjects: Radar.
subjects: data
subjects: Sounding and soundings
subjects: Data reduction
subjects: Meteorology
subjects: bomex (barbados oceanographic and meteorological experiment) (project)
subjects: Aeronautics
subjects: Psychrometry
subjects: navigator's logs
related subjects: technical reports: whoi-70-34; whoi-70-49; whoi-71-61
geographic coverage: Barbados.