HEBBLE and salt fingers

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box: 2
partial content list: 6
notes: C-SALT; SeaData, SCIMP, FAME, BASS, OMNI Benthic Acoustic Stress Sensor (BASS) current meter (instrument) FAME (project) SCIMP (project) Williams memo in box 1
provenance: A.J.Williams/Acession 2004-21
subjects: CTD - Conductivity Temperature Depth
subjects: SCIMP - Self Imaging Microstructure Profiler
subjects: C-SALT (Caribbean - Sheets And Layers Transects)
subjects: omni
subjects: benthic acoustic stress sensor (bass) current meter (instrument)
subjects: Salt Fingers
subjects: FAME - Fine and Microstructure Experiment
subjects: seadata
subjects: HEBBLE
subjects: mixing
related subjects: R/V Knorr
related subjects: High Energy Benthic Boundary Layer Experiment (HEBBLE)
geographic coverage: Buzzards Bay (Mass.)
geographic coverage: vents
geographic coverage: New Jersey.