Development of synthetic seismograms

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notes: Lee Gove, Rough/Sharp interface & development, SYNACL listings, FINDIF source listings, Reflectivity assorted listings, tests, sign changes in P-S, Detrick Model of Kane Fracture Zone, Baggeroer Model for Conversions in Sediment Gove, Lee (person) Kane Fracture Zone (spatial) Purdy Model for ROSE multiples, Toronto Code, Schmidt's stability programs, Burton's programs and log files Purdy, Graham M. (person) ROSE (Rivera Ocean Seismic Experiments) (project) Inventory list "R.A.Stephen Archives #95-11" included Stephen, Ralph A. (person)
provenance: Ralph Stephen 1996 data donation
subjects: ROSE - Rivera Ocean Seismic Experiment
subjects: inventory list
subjects: Seismograms
subjects: Baggeroer Model
subjects: Finite difference method
subjects: Seismic reflection method
subjects: sign changes in p-s
subjects: Kane Fracture Zone
subjects: burton's programs and log files
subjects: Detrick Model of the Kane Fracture Zone
subjects: r.a.stephen archives
subjects: SYNACL - Synthetic Acoustic Logging
subjects: schmidt's stability programs
subjects: Geological modeling
subjects: refl - reflectivity
subjects: Marine sediments--Mathematical models.
subjects: tests
subjects: rough/sharp interface & development
subjects: toronto code
related subjects: development of synthetic seismograms
geographic coverage: Kane Fracture Zone